Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product review: Edwin Jagger shaving soap with aloe vera

This shave soap is nearly all natural, at 99.9% natural.  It is 65 grams, so it is a bit smaller than the usual 100 gram puck.  Aloe Vera is used to leave the skin moisturized and soothed.  It is natural and pareben free.

Starting with the fragrance, this cream definitely gets a thumbs-up from me.  This is one of my favorites in that department.  It is a very fresh fragrance.  I enjoy starting my day off with this scent.  It is a bit fruity, but not overwhelming at all.  It doesn't smell overly scented or artificial.

This cream lathers very easily into a nice thick lather.  And the lather holds well too.  No problem getting nice coverage with it.  Not only does it lather well but it provides for a pretty smooth shave.  Above average in my opinion.  For sensitive skin like mine, this cream did a great job.  It left my skin feeling pretty good too, with no irritation.

As I said, the scent of this is really the thing that got my attention when I used.  Just a delightful scent.  But, it gives a good shave too.  This is definitely one that I enjoy using and would definitely recommend.  It is a little pricey, but I think it is worth the price.  I've definitely bought worse and more expensive products.  

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