Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shower safety razor hanger?

I know there are a ton of safety razor stands available for purchase.  All kinds, and some really fancy ones for hanging your shaving brush as well.  Those are cool and definitely serve a purpose.  But what about a shower safety razor hanger?  Not a stand, but some kind of razor hanger than can be affixed to your shower wall.  I previously owned a shower mirror that had slots for hanging items on it.  I found that it was very convenient to hang my safety razor and brush from the mirror.  Of course, the mirror eventually broke, and now I realize just how convenient it was.

Hmm, wonder if there are any other products out there other than crappy shower mirrors that would be suitable for this.  I guess I could just use a razor stand but like I said it was convenient having it hanging on the wall.  Something about having it hanging there that I preferred.  I guess there are downsides to it as well.  The wife knocked it off the hanger a time or two (a problem I never had) and dulled the blades.  So, I wasted a few blades - not a huge loss.  Fortunately my safety razor was never damaged from falling.  And I'm probably even more fortunate that it didn't crack a tile in my shower.  Ha, maybe I'm talking myself out of finding a razor hanger as I type this.

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