Monday, February 6, 2012

Wetshaving shower annoyance

Part of the wetshave routine includes using a mirror in the shower.  Especially as a beginner, the mirror is invaluable.  How else are you going to go about shaving?  Unless you have a good amount of experience under your belt, I would be hesitant about shaving without one.  Otherwise there's a good chance you will turn your face into Swiss cheese.  Nobody wants to turn their face into Swiss cheese.  So, the mirror will help with this.  I could maybe pull of shaving without a mirror, but dang, just not sure if it is worth putting myself through the potential outcome.

So, you probably want a mirror.  Obviously you will want to use a fogless mirror.  But, is there really such thing?  Shower mirrors are probably the single most frustrating thing that I deal with for wetshaving.  I've gone through a bunch of them.  The nice-looking metal/chrome ones have a tendency to rust over time.  I have had plastic ones that have inevitably fallen off of the shower wall and broke.  None of them have really stayed fogless for an extended period of time.  Typically they perform well the first couple uses and then begin to become less fogless.  Eventually they don't seem to prevent fog at all.  Really frustrating and really annoying.

The other frustration is the suction cups on most of them.  If you are lucky enough to get one that does have a decent suction cup, don't get too excited...It's likely to eventually fall.  Not only that, but it will strategically fall, unexpectedly, at a point where it will scare the crap out of you.  Seriously.  Out of desperation, I have tried adhesive instead of suction cups but that did not work out so well either.

I guess the mirror is one part of the wetshave where I just haven't found my solution.  I would be interested to hear if other people have the same frustrations.  I feel like every other piece is fairly enjoyable, and that there are good solutions.  There are great safety razors out there to choose from, that do what they are intended to do.  And their are numerous options for shaving brushes as well, and generally, they get the job done.  The mirror though, can be a total frustration.

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