Saturday, February 18, 2012

The other side - the crazy costs of multi-blade razors...

I've been trying to convince my wife for quite a while to give a double-edge razor a try for shaving her legs.  So far I've been unsuccessful.  She's scared about shaving around her knees and is convinced she's going to cut herself up.  So, she continues on, buying crappy disposable multi-blade razors.  But, economically, double-edge razors just make so much sense.

So she just came home with a bulk package of multi-blade razors.  Sigh.  It drives me crazy - so much that I had to hop on the computer and have this mini-rant about it.  So wasteful, so expensive for what you get.  Even buying in bulk, they still came out to be just under $3 a razor.  That's craziness to me.  Glad I've moved on, years ago, from spending that kind of money on shaving my face.  I can buy 50 of some of the better (Feather) and more expensive DE razor blades for about $22.  That comes out to be under 50 cents a blade.  Currently, on Amazon, Derby blades are selling for an amazing 200 blades for $17.79.  Wow.  That comes out to be about 9 cents a blade.  So, while my wife is spending nearly $3 a razor, I could spend literally pennies a blade for my shaving needs.  Just one of the many reasons I'm glad I roll with a double-edge razor.

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