Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday routine tidbit - prepping for wetshaves

On Sunday evenings I typically do a little prep-work for my beginning of the work-week shave on Monday mornings.  It is really pretty simple, but it beats doing it when I am barely awake on Mondays.  One of the things I do is change out my blades on Sunday evenings.  I usually roll with four to five shaves on a single blade.  Changing them every Sunday helps make it easier keeping track of how many shaves I am getting out of the blade.  At this frequency I am still saving quite a bit of money over cartridges.  I use a double-edge blade bank to safely dispose of the used blades.  Going at a rate of about one blade per week, I can go about two years before filling up the blade bank.

This is also a good time for me to do maintenance on my safety razor.  I know there are varying opinions on how often to clean a safety razor.  I usually clean mine, simply as needed.  I don't do it regularly on a schedule - I just inspect it to see if it needs it.  If so, I clean it up and get it ready for duty.

I also check up on my supplies to see what I have and see what needs to be replenished.  Nothing sucks more than running out of one of your favorite shaving supplies.  If I know what I lack, I can prepare accordingly.  I always try to keep extra blades around to make sure I have enough.  You never know when you may get a bad blade, so don't depend on having just one or two to last you through a couple shave cycles.

That's pretty much it.  Quick and painless, but essential for me to keep my routine going.  Makes Monday mornings and the rest of the week much easier to deal with.

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